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Forca specializes in large-scale operations and development in member services, actuarial services, fund services and financial and accounting services. TripleIT and Forca are partners.

“TripleIT is our ‘Trusted Advisor’! They are always available and want only the best for us!”

TripleIT is a very dedicated partner who knows our technical setup and is worth the gold! TripleIT is in the very depths of our business.
TripleIT has also provided super, competent advice on engineering, hardware and software, which after several years of cooperation has proven its worth. TripleIT is always available and wants only the best for us!
TripleIT is our Trusted Advisor and manages everything around our Network (WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and Security), both physics and logic, in our 2 Data Centers and our 4 locations. They do this 24/7. We at TripleIT have a very close partner that we want to see grow and want to grow with, due to the above. If TripleIT can grow, it will also be a strategic advantage for us.

Kewin Hedegaard

OP Manager, Forca A/S

Colt Technology Services

Colt is one of Europe’s leading providers of business communication specializing in data, telephony and managed services for large, medium and small-sized businesses as well as wholesale customers. Colt operates its own 25,000 km network in 13 countries.

“TripleIT can solve advanced tasks!”

Colt needed to have implemented orders, and this was not possible with the existing staffing. And since we could not allocate more employees from the “internal” box, we had to hire consultants from the “external” box, and so they chose to occupy these positions externally.
TripleIT has extensive knowledge of Colt through many years of collaboration and had contacts with former employees that they could bring into Colt. Thus, in Colt, we not only got skilled consultants, we also avoided spending too much precious time and internal resources on training them.
We are very pleased with the cooperation at all levels and look forward to it for many years to come.

René Jørgensen

Service Delivery Manager, Colt Technology Services

Colt case

Metro Service

Metro case

Metro Service is the metro company’s operating operator, responsible for the daily operation of the Copenhagen metro.

“Everything can be done, and it just works!”

Metro Service


PLH works with a wide range of tasks from architecture, urban planning and workplace design to client consultancy and industrial design.

“You are not left alone if there is something wrong. It gives you great security!”

We did not, and still do not have the necessary networking skills to ensure high reliability. This is a challenge when implementing new network initiatives that would otherwise be postponed. The collaboration with TripleIT means that we get things done faster.
TripleIT’s efforts and collaboration on operations and IT security in the business have provided us with a good and stable operation as well as ensured a good network connection with our advanced project office.
Our biggest benefit is the increased IT security that we are extremely pleased with, and we will definitely use TripleIT’s resources in the future. We just got another great experience and really good service.

Magnus Vesterager

IT employee, PLH Arkitekter

PLH case


VINIA Media creates visual content in the form of video, images & live streaming.

“They are excellent hotlines when unexpected challenges arise.”

At VINIA Media, we use TripleIT to host our website and email addresses – they have not only been a provider of web solutions, but far more of a sparring partner about everything that lies within their field. This applies for example. web customizations, email setup and domain relocation and they are an excellent hotline when unexpected challenges arise. Also, they have always been very quick to help us when, for example, we needed to expand our team and therefore needed various adjustments to our solution.
We have been through a longer selection process to find the right supplier and we have been really happy with the choice since the start!