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We can support you with

Operating Agreements

We ensure safe and efficient operation of your network with a tailor-made operating agreement.


We act as external sparring / project partner on the more complicated tasks.

IT support

By outsourcing the company’s IT support to us, we handle all your IT challenges.


We advise and support you throughout the entire process, so you are ready for the new regulation.

A selection of our costumers

Why you should choose us

Focus on the core business

IT can be a big mouthful for many, and therefore outsourcing your company’s IT will greatly benefit from what you should focus on.

Fewer risks and less tied-up capital

With IT outsourcing, you save capital tied up in regular IT staff. This means fewer risks with TripleIT’s many years of experience and competencies.


Strengthened IT security

We are specialists in IT security which is why all our solutions are implemented in a secure and stable environment.

IT Investment Reduction

With an external IT department, you know what you get and what you pay for. IT outsourcing will give your business a better bottom line.

Increased flexibility

By using IT outsourcing instead of permanent employees, you become more agile about your daily IT challenges.


Better response time

If an accident occurs, you can feel safe with our 24/7 response time. Responding to the accident in good time ensures greater security and enjoyment.

Our values



We take responsibility for your company’s IT, network and security on a foundation of business insight, trust and proximity.


Teamwork is a fundamental value for us as we work closely with each other and with our customers.

Knowledge sharing

No one can be a specialist in everything. We share knowledge internally and with our customers.

Our partners


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