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At TripleIT, there is always room for an open dialogue. It helps support changes that move the company along with our customers. We support a high level of freedom of action – under responsibility – because we know it creates commitment and motivation. We are all, both management and employees, part of a team that together must create results at all levels of the value chain.

We want to be a place where you are allowed to be innovative and develop your creativity. Our employees must be curious and committed front-runners, who always show the professionalism that puts the customer at the center and ensures that all agreements are adhered to.

Our employees are very important and there must be trust between employees and management. We will always strive to create the best working conditions and ensure continuous employee development that can always present new challenges. Health insurance and pension schemes help to ensure employees also outside the workplace and in the future. We are afraid to say that we want to be the best workplace in the world.

As an employee of TripleIT, you show respect, timely care and support to your colleagues. It helps to create a safe environment where change becomes a positive option. There should also be room for a quick remark that can lift the mood and create a casual tone.

It’s not just in the workplace that TripleIT spends time with its employees. Our traditions of summer family celebrations, Christmas parties and socializing whenever the opportunity arises become a space where we connect as people rather than employees. Even at more formal events like workshops and meetings, we can put work aside and communicate freely and informally.


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