We ensure secure and efficient IT operations

We ensure the safe and efficient operation of your network with a tailor-made TripleIT operating agreement. We take care of it all and an agreement can include:

Operating agreements on existing networks
Project design, managing and implementing new networks
Design IT strategy with budget and decision support

Analysis, design & implementation

As part of our operating agreement, we also handle analysis, design, and implementation of network and security solutions. With our remote hands, we are always there when you need it. Our technicians are just a call away.

Inside out

Release resources with a TripleIT operating agreement and we will ensure you a stable and reliable network. Expand the collaboration as your network grows and bring TripleIT’s expertise to design, plan and implement extensions and new functionality. Go all-in, and we offer you and your organization sparring and advice on your networking strategy. We are thoroughly committed to your business which provides you, as the customer, security, and confidence that leads the way for a long-lasting relationship.

IT operations

Outside in

Start by getting feedback on your IT strategy – it’s important that you get off to a good start and take your business plan starting point. Take the next step with us. Then we help you plan and project a new network or expand the existing one. On top of all of it, is an all-around managed LAN operating agreement, which ensures a stable and reliable network that extends into the future, both technically and commercially.

How we work

Managed LAN & Firewall

Managed LAN and firewall are a key part of our operating solution. More and more companies expect the same high stability, accessibility and security on both LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). It requires constantly updated knowledge to ensure optimal performance between the many components. That’s why we offer managed LAN as an operating solution that allows your company to outsource the administration of the entire corporate network to us. We provide a secure and stable infrastructure so that your company operates efficiently and can focus on the core business. Also, our managed firewall solution can also ensure your company’s communication with the outside world.

The solution is dedicated and based on products from e.g. Cisco Systems and can be a fully integrated part of the solution. Of course, for our managed LAN and firewall solution, we can also offer proactive monitoring 24/7, which can also include facility / server room parameters such as, among other things. power, temperature, and humidity.

Change Management
Change management is an integral part of a good operating solution. It ensures good planning, overview, and traceability of changes and minimizes unintended side effects. Then you are also properly dressed by the annual internal IT audit. Your business is always optimized for daily network and firewall changes.

Your business achieves the best solution in the market for IT security in a simple and clear operating agreement. As you concentrate on your core business, you leave the practical to us.


Daily operations are resource-demanding, but with a TripleIT operating agreement, we create together the IT solution that fits your specific business needs. This allows your company to release important resources. We know what it takes to make you and your company feel secure by outsourcing such an important area of your business. A well-functioning infrastructure is vital to running a modern business, and we always want to create a safe environment for our customers.

Installation & Preparation

Our technicians assist with everything from installation to wiring of electricity and setup of end-user equipment as well as the preparation of the technical rooms, which in most cases involve the installation and preparation of racks etc.