IT outsourcing – We have the time and resources

Why should we be your IT department?

TripleIT has skilled and competent consultants who work as internal resources in permanent teams. Our deep knowledge of the customer’s workflows means that we solve complicated and advanced tasks that would take twice the time for the customer.

IT consultant

Our consultants help you with advice and guidance for your network and IT systems.

Operating agreement

We provide safe and efficient operation of your network with a customized operating agreement.

Get more time for
more important tasks

TripleIT can help you find the right form/solution that will benefit your organization. We are ready to help you if you do not have the time and resources to familiarize yourself with the IT world.

Installation technicians & remote hands

Our installation technicians and remote hands can also be offered as an internal resource or ad hoc. We operate throughout the country, where our installation team can step in with great experience and help your business over a longer or shorter period. We offer assistance in the installation and implementation of infrastructure and network components as well as cabling, technical room preparation and setup / preparation of racks.

Ad hoc can be delivered as either a “best-effort” service or with an agreed fixed hour pool with guaranteed response time.

Ad hoc agreement

Ad hoc can be a solution to a problem that has arisen here and now. We are also happy to assist in a longer process where the assistance works on an equal footing with our own employees.

An Ad Hoc agreement with TripleIT means that you will contact us when your company needs help. Ad hoc help can be one of the everyday tasks, general user support, or help when sudden IT problems require quick fixes. We step in from time to time and make sure you get the right assistance.

Tasks we solve in Denmark and Europe

Planning, project management and documentation

When new build and change in the customer’s network, TripleIT performs planning and implementation tasks. Our IT consultants also regularly contribute to the maintenance of documentation and knowledge sharing in collaboration with other departments. TripleIT solves the type of high-quality tasks and understanding of the customer’s business to ensure an optimal solution quickly and efficiently.

Project participation
In collaboration with clients, architects and consulting engineers, TripleIT provides expertise in the creative process and sparring in connection with major IT-related new and remodeling projects and tenders, including the complete furnishing of large server rooms. This makes projects future-proof and documented for an effortless knowledge transfer/handover to the customer.
Order handling
TripleIT has experienced consultants who coordinate and keep end customers informed about orders/installation processes. We ensure good customer experiences by taking ownership until things succeed and the customer is satisfied. We also train new order managers during teaching and through assistant training.
IP core network
When a larger number of IP addresses are to be routed in your company’s network, TripleIT has the expertise that can best solve this task most effectively.