We have many years of experience in infrastructure and security

IT infrastructure, in its purest form, means a collection of units that make up a coherent IT system – e.g. servers, networks, firewalls, and software, etc. If a company uses several different IT-related systems, these are included in the IT infrastructure. It is relevant to separate infrastructure in servers, networks, security, cloud, and outsourcing as individual areas.

Infrastructure typically includes several core concepts that are important to manage.

The network is the company’s “information highway”, which must ensure a secure and stable flow of data communication.

LAN is typically the internal connections between users’ PCs and, for example, in-house data centers as opposed to WAN, which connects the company to the outside world.

The level of threats in the world has exploded over the last 10 years and therefore security has to have its own focus.

Having a stable IT infrastructure is important and critical to your business, but how do you achieve it? We have described some customer cases examples of how we have increased operational stability and safety.

Examples of cases

LAN / WAN network

We act as an external sparring partner for tasks related to LAN / WAN networks, firewall, and VPN connections.

802.1x and Cisco ISE

Focusing on the security of the internal LAN, we have implemented 802.1x and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).


We have set up VPN connections for several companies, for example, to connect branches or test locations with headquarters.

Cisco Firewall

Forca A/S we ensure the daily operation of network infrastructure and Cisco firewalls. It is a complex network with multiple locations.

Case example with experience in LAN / WAN network

TripleIT acts as an external sparring / project partner on the more complicated tasks related to LAN / WAN networks, firewalls, and VPN connections. We provide consulting and design within networks and firewalls and often participate in the implementation phase. An assignment is always completed with the preparation of documentation that is handed over to the customer so that the future operation is in good and capable hands.

What are LAN and WAN?

LAN is typically the internal connections between users’ PCs and, for example, in-house data centers as opposed to WAN connecting the company to the outside world.

Case examples with VPN

At several companies such as Metroservice and Roskilde Fireplace Center, we have set up VPN connections to, for example, connect branches or test locations with the headquarters. It has been important for the customers that secondary locations have access to the central IT resources located at headquarters and in some cases wanted internet traffic, also for secondary sites, to always be logged and secured behind the company’s primary firewall.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – either in the form of client VPN (e.g. home / mobile workspace) or as site-2-site VPN, ensures an encrypted connection between 2 or more physical locations over the Internet. Encryption on the VPN connection ensures unauthorized access and eavesdropping, using complex encryption algorithms that meet today’s standards.

Case example with implementation and operation of 802.1x and Cisco ISE

Focusing on the security of the internal LAN, we have implemented 802.1x and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). The project involved replacement of all access switches to a type that supports 802.1x (the backbone speed was simultaneously upgraded from 1Gbps to 10Gbps). This means that only pre-approved PCs (certificate based) can access the resources of the internal networks.

What is 802.1x?

802.1x port-based network access control (PNAC) is an IEEE standard that secures the internal client network completely on the access port or in connection with wifi connection. It prevents foreign entities from accessing internal network resources, for example via a random “open” network connector in a meeting room, office or similar.

Case example with experience in Cisco Firewall

At Forca A/S, we ensure the daily operation of network infrastructure and Cisco firewalls. As it is a complex network with multiple locations and proprietary software and applications, it is important that the right competence is always present, which is why Forca has chosen to outsource the operation and development of all network infrastructure, both in terms of security, internal LAN and data center. Thus, we continuously handle all changes, including network redesign, firewall rules maintenance and VPN connections. with in-depth troubleshooting.

In addition, we assist with our knowledge regarding the regular external IT audit, which is to ensure quality and document all IT procedures in relation to, among other things. documentation of changes, change management, data security and audits in relation to firewall security.

Private infrastructure

We work daily with our 2-data center setup with VMware virtualization and Nimble storage platform on which we offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

We help our customers with the installation of Windows / Linux operating systems, ongoing maintenance such as updates and daily operations. Backup of our customers’ VPSs is always included and in addition, we provide remote backup of customer data and PCs.

Internet, Firewall, IPV6
We secure the connection to the outside world with a high availability firewall setup (dual firewall) that is the bulwark against external attacks. Our entire infrastructure is IPv6 enabled and we offer dual-stack IPv4 / 6 internet, NAT64 and IPV6 tunnel.
Nimble storage solution
Nimble Storage is at the heart of our VMware virtualization and connected in 2-center operation gives it unique data security with automatic replication between the two systems. In addition to the possibility of backup in 2 different locations, Nimble, with their unique snapshot technology, also ensures the possibility of roll-back down to ½ hour intervals. This means that if you are hit by a cryptovirus, we can via Nimble restore data as it was 30 minutes before encryption. It protects corporate data and possible data loss is minimized and the customer can work with the assurance that data is never completely lost. Nimble is a highly flexible and secure professional for your data
Hosting environment - Vmware
VMware is one of the market-leading technologies in virtualization. With this platform, we offer our customers a stable platform to host their Virtual Private Server (VPS) with 1Gbps (1000 Mbps) connection to the outside world. VPSs can either be operated by the customer themselves or we can provide entirely or partially take care of for example. monitoring and regular updates. Remote access to VPS can be established with, for example, a VPN client connection or a site-2-site VPN tunnel, both encrypted according to today’s standards which protect against intrusion and interception.


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