Our IT consultants help with advice and guidance

Are you facing challenges with your IT infrastructure? Our IT consultants have their finger on the pulse when it comes to IT consulting. Our IT consultants help companies with advice and guidance on networks and IT systems. In close cooperation with the customer, we solve any challenges in networks and IT systems. So they can focus on their business-critical and value-creating processes.


We solve hours of worries

Hiring an IT consultant is an advantage when your company is facing new IT initiatives. This could be an upgrade of IT equipment to strengthen your business. Or when your company has a major IT project that needs to be addressed or started. At TripleIT, we can help you with a wide range of IT-related solutions.

By enlisting the help of an external IT consultant, you can get a fresh look at your IT setup and infrastructure. This can help ensure that potentially overlooked errors, weaknesses and the like can be discovered quickly. This means you can resolve issues quickly, before they develop into larger and catastrophic consequences.

When new IT solutions and programs are put into use, there is typically a need for staff training in how the new systems work. Often, it is IT consultants who plan and educate users.

IT consultants can also be utilized when you and your employees work on the development of new business areas. An IT consultant knows what IT solutions are on the market right now and how they work in practice. This way, you can free up hours of worry and focus on what you do best: running your business.

If the new business area is on the verge of new technologies, then we can research the market and help you in the decision-making process.

A consultant can also help you in choosing IT equipment.
It is important for your employees that they have the necessary working tools such as computers and programs in everyday life. It ensures the best productivity.


How our IT-consultants assist your business

An IT consultant solves many different tasks. It can vary from minor support tasks to larger IT projects that span over several months. TripleIT has IT consultants specializing in their own specific fields. We have consultants with many years of experience who can meet your needs and solve your problems.

We can assist you with

IT support agreement 24/7

We solve your IT problems – here and now. From simple questions to larger IT challenges that require more consultants.

IT security

We protect your business against IT crime. That way, your data is always in good hands and with a backup solution to suit your needs.

Before going into the cloud

We can help you in the process of choosing cloud services so you can get the expected output.

It is important to have a strategy for the areas that you would like to put in the cloud. Migration to the cloud does not take place automatically and many tasks must be solved as before – and new ones arise. We can help with the necessary skills and possibly the training of your employees.

We can help you get an overview of what systems / applications you have today and what costs are associated with them and compare them to cloud solutions. We can also help with networking and cloud consulting.

Assess whether the cloud service matches your GDPR requirements and backup of the areas you want. Who has access to your data and where are they physically located?

Why choose us?

With an external IT consultant, your business gets a new set of eyes to look at and assess your company’s IT setup. It ensures you qualified and up to date inputs for your IT projects – whether large or small. In particular, you’ll reduce a lot of time spent educating yourselves on specific IT solutions from scratch.

An external consultant can quickly discover where your company’s strengths and weaknesses are and where to allocate extra focus and attention.

Sometimes the best solution might be a minor update of your IT systems or training of your employees. Other times, you may need to think new – a whole new setup with new programs and initiatives.

With us on your side, your business will have renewed confidence and efficiency. Our IT consultants help you from the very beginning and always adapt their approach to your unique context.

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How much does an IT consultant cost?

Tasks are never the same and it is difficult to put a specific price on an IT consultant or a job, as IT tasks are very rarely the same.

Our experience is that it often proves to be a financial benefit to the customer to pay an external IT expert to review your IT setup before embarking on a new one.

At the same time, hourly rates are reflected by the consultant’s level of competence, experience, and certifications.

In most cases, consulting from a consultant is cheaper than a new, expensive IT system that does not live up to expectations.

This will help you reach your projects faster, whether it is a new implementation or modification of existing systems.

Seek help from your IT consultant

Most IT problems can typically be solved with a skilled IT consultant via remote support.

However, sometimes the challenges are so comprehensive that a specialist needs to respond physically to look more closely at the technical challenges (on-site support).

Through us, you have the opportunity to get a telephone IT to support agreement 24/7. Every day. All year. In addition, we also send consultants to your company when you need it.

For some companies, regular telephone support is enough. But other companies need to have an IT expert present in the company one or more days a week.

Only the best IT consultants

Our consultants’ most important task is to link IT and business together.

That is why we bring together talented employees with great business understanding, which creates added value for you.

In our eyes, an IT consultant should not only understand computers, networks, and programs. They must also be aware of the economic benefits of choosing possible solutions.

Our consultants, therefore, have relevant training, such as “Computer Technicians specializing in Networking”, Cisco certifications. And many with years of experience and seniority.

We also educate our IT specialists further internally through technical workshops, which we hold 4 – 6 times a year. Here we sharpen our consultants’ expertise in IT networks, IT systems, technologies, business understanding, service and much more.