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What is IPv6?

by Mar 13, 2020IT security

The benefits of IPv6 include:

– The internet continues to work; you will always be able to use new IPv6 services
– It is easier to set up services on IPv6 (no NAT)
– In some cases, IPv6 is faster than IPv4
– IPv4 will eventually be shut down


Are there no disadvantages then?

– virtually no downsides
– may seem complicated, to begin with


You must make demands on your provider!

If your business today offers Internet-based services, e.g. Webshop, websites, information portal, service platform or similar, then the time to get started and offer IPv6 is approaching. The reason for this advice is primarily to avoid “panic before closing time” and get a head start in terms of skills and operating experience before it is too late for you. If your provider does not already offer IPv6, then require them to follow the developments that a number of the big tech companies have already taken.


When is the deadline to switch over?

RIPE’s forecast of when to deliver the latest IPv4 addresses has now accelerated to January 2020! The closer we get to the end of IPv4 addresses, the greater the panic, and we end up with a fragmented Internet (old (IPv4) versus new (IPv6)).

Examples of some of the major tech companies already using IPv6:

– LinkedIn
– Google
– Cloudflare
– Facebook
– The Danish Business Authority

Heidi Hinz