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Is an external, online managed backup service, also called cloud backup or Backup-as-a-Service.

A backup is like insurance, you never hope to need it, but it is so nice to have when you get hit by the accident or by IT criminals. It is not a question of being hit, but a matter of when. The consequences of an accident can be countered by anticipating the worst and therefore being foreseen and on the cutting edge when it happens.

Maybe you suddenly just can’t log in to your computer – maybe the whole company is affected and you are excluded from your systems. Consider how much it costs if you or your entire workplace stalls. 

With a remote backup we can restore files and systems by using the company backup.

Remote backup is a remote backup of your data which ensures that your important data, files and system files, etc. is sent encrypted to another physical location – away from your operating environment and physical devices to a location in the cloud.

Having a copy of your data (and your customers’ data) is important because it can help if you are exposed to IT crime and attacks. It can prevent data loss and help with data recovery, entire systems and infrastructure configuration.

At TripleIT you get an online IT backup solution that can be customized for your business needs. So now there is no longer any excuse to do nothing and hope for the best.

You no longer have to worry about IT backup and backing up important data. All backup data is stored in a secure data center.

We offer a customized and flexible solution that handles everything from online IT backup of a single server to backup solutions with complex systems and large volumes of data.

Most companies should have or already have an IT backup solution. However, many people forget to have the backup moved away from their own environment and often neglect to check if the backup has been run and the contents are in good shape.

We can monitor that your backup is running and fresh data is flowing. In addition, we can participate in the implementation of restore tests, which should be performed at intervals of 3-6 months for samples and min. every 12 months for a full restore test, because only then are you sure your data is usable if the accident is out.

We store your company’s data securely in our Danish data centers with 24/7 monitoring and Danish IT support.

Establishing a backup solution is not complicated anymore.

Take responsibility for your business now and get started with a backup solution.

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