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Remote backup

Remote backup

At TripleIT you get an online IT backup solution that can be custom designed for your company’s needs.

Most companies should have or have an IT backup. However, many people forget to have the backup moved out of the house and often neglect to check if the backup has been run and the contents are in order.

You no longer have to worry about IT backups and backups of important data. All backup data is stored in a top-secured data center.

We can create a customized and flexible solution that handles everything from online IT backup of a single server to backup solutions with complex systems with hundreds of TB of data.

We store your company’s data securely in our data centers with 24/7 monitoring and Danish IT support.


Do you need to quickly restore your company’s data?

The added security of 2-center operation is that we, on agreement, make continuous replication of entire virtual machines, so that these can be started in the secondary environment or copied to another data center.

2-center operation protects against accidents or outages in a single location. In other words, you need to choose 2-center operation if you want a guarantee that your systems will continue running, even if a major malfunction should result from, for example, fire, building and water damage or burglary / vandalism in the primary location.

The solution is ideal for those who need extra high data security and accessibility. 

You can combine the solution with online backup in a completely third location. Backup should always be placed at another physical location away from the production environment. With online backup, you both secure a copy of your data at another location, and with multiple generations of data, you are protected against corrupt data and accidental deletion of data.

Both data centers are monitored around the clock and are protected, in several layers, against physical intrusion. This means that when you choose TripleIT, we aim to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

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